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Lukas Meisner

Lukas Meisner (1993) is a writer and philosopher. In his creative work, he has dealt with the dialectics of utopia and dystopia (DysUtopia, 2017); urbanisation and desertification (Das Buch der Wüste. Jede Seite eine Düne, 2018); and burnout and global warming (Natur, oder: Vom Ende des Ausnahmezustands, 2019). His novels portray the embedment of real people's existential struggles in the structural violence of most abstract but equally real societal processes. Recently, he has composed shorter novellas approaching the entanglements of the flood phenomena of mass tourism and rising water levels (Wracks bei Sintflut, 2020), and the homologies of Cold War logics and religion (Erde im Himmel, 2020). At the moment, he is projecting a literary portray of the Millennials between the “end of history” 1989 and the imminent threats of an “end of the future”.


On the theoretical plane, Meisner's interest is in the history of capitalism and in its ambivalent relationships to accompanying ideologies – as well as in the social potentials of postcapitalist “not-yets”. Meisner studied Philosophy, Comparative Literature and Cultural Sociology in Tübingen, Colchester, Berlin and London. Currently, he is doing his PhD in Philosophy between Venice and Erfurt, researching into the Critical Theory of Political Autonomy. His latest academic publication was Capitalist Nihilism and the Murder of Art (2020), co-authored with Dutch artist Eef Veldkamp.


Whereas his literature expresses the desires of a “sociological imagination”, his academic work seeks to go beyond the ivory tower's reproduction of the battlefields down-to-earth. The bridge connecting his theoretical and creative writing is the essayistic realm of cultural journalism. Next to publishing articles at the platform Broken Circle, Meisner is writing a taz Blog called Kriterium – which attempts a multi-dimensional critique of the system of crisis we live in.

Publications (selection)

– Meisner, Lukas (2016) Der Schmerz. Gedichte, Vienna.

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– Meisner, Lukas; Egerter, Anna (2019) Das schöne Gesicht. Buchkunstprojekt, Halle.

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– Meisner, Lukas; Veldkamp, Eef (2020) Capitalist Nihilism and the Murder of Art, Aporia Publishing House, Arnhem.

– Meisner, Lukas (2021) Anti-Atlantis. Kurzprosa, in Mobilé/ Blattformen, Mainz.

– Meisner, Lukas (2021) Woher nimmt man sich. Kurzgeschichte, in Großstadtgeheimnisse. Berlin Authors Anthologie, Berlin.

– Meisner, Lukas (2021) Erde im Himmel. Erzählung, Leipzig. (DE) (EU) (EU) (UK) (DE)

Ca' Foscari University of Venice (IT)

Max Weber Centre, University Erfurt (DE)